28/11 to 05/12
Final Event – Pre PWC – Class II FAI Event
2015 Brazilian Paragliding

The Event

Brazilian Paragliding Championship is a prestigious annually event, being subdivided into two stages. This is the second stage, and it will promote the stage winners and the Super Final, which will reveal the 2015 Brazilian Champions counting with the ranking from previous stage that took place in Governador Valadares/MG.

It has the best pilots in Brazil accompanying the competitions, in addition to attracting new participants from several states and abroad, with approximately 120 competitors pilots.

This edition is contemplated as Pre-PWC [Paragliding World Cup], and approved by the World Cup Committee, making it internationally recognized by the FAI [Fédération Aéronautique Internationale] and enabling accredit Sapiranga/RS to perform in the near future the World Circuit paragliding.

The competition is organized by AGVL [Free Flight Gaucho Association] supported by FGVL [Gaucho Federation of Free Flight] and supervised by the national regulatory institution ABVL [Brazilian Association of Free Flight], internationally recognized by the FAI.

The event will be held from the November 28 November until December 5 2015 with takeoffs from Ferrabraz Mountain and task and goals throughout the area.

Organization’s Word

Estimated community!

It is with great pleasure that we bring hereby information about Super Final CBP [Brazilian Championship Paraglider] and Pre-PWC [Word Cup Paragliding] in the city of Sapiranga/RS. Region which is recognized as crib and training skies of pilot in excellence with high technical level and performance, providing outstanding national and international record holders in free flight, either in the form of hang gliding as of paraglider/paragliding.

A region with unique features as a long mountain range of ~ 17 km and ~ 450 meters gap, integrate the cities of Sapiranga and Igrejinha, through Araricá, Nova Hartz and Parobé. The valleys are good choices of routes for tests and technical flights, allowing you to enjoy the differences in topography and meteorological context and including great challenges.

We wish:

– To pilots, that you may enjoy and take advantage of better conditions and infrastructure for Free Flight. Observe and monitor information on programming through official channels, the organizing team is attentive to detail to transform the CBP and Pre-PWC the deserved level. Because we are in a privileged geographical point near the main tourist destinations in southern Brazil and Serra Gaucha, we reinforce that extend the invitation to his companions and family. All will be welcome at the same time an opportunity to make available information to better explore gastronomic itineraries, sightseeing, shopping, etc.

– To the wider community and visitors a chance to know a little bit more about the sport and enjoy the beauty of the sky from the region and fraternize with the involved. Come attend the event!

– To volunteers and supporters, we know that the dedication and the joint efforts will generate the desired results, as beforehand, thank you for your availability so that every detail is reflected in an additional luster to the event.

– To sponsors and Supporters for providing even more projection conditions at the event, creating differential to support the level of quality of a world-class event such as.

– To Sapiranga’s Public Administration, our thanks and congratulations for the engagement, trust and for providing local community the rescue and promotion of tourism along to our beautiful Ferrabraz Mountain, environment for revamp and better tailor the consolidation of the practice of adventure and leisure sports. With this event, there will be intensification of eyes around the world towards Sapiranga, we can all do our best to enhance the good image and memory of the ‘free flight capital’.

– To St. Peter and Co., which allows us good forecasts and weather so we fly, compete, learn, come together; and finalize the event with the certainty that it all worth it a lot and everybody came out winners, and be a new destination to pilots and family for coming seasons.

See you soon, event’s success will be complete only with your participation! Good and safe flights!

Board and Organizing Committee